About your Reiki Master Teachers

I’m Christine.

At five years old, I could talk to animals. Over the years this evolved into telepathy with animals and problem solving with people. I was drawn to Reiki in my 30s. It was the logical place to go when you’re a healer looking for a home. It felt like coming home. It made sense of my healing journey and it gave me a framework within which to do healing.

Christine Green

I found that the Reiki energy became my teacher. Over the years, with the help of Reiki, I’ve helped people understand themselves better. I’ve helped them heal hurt and pain, and deal with things they couldn’t cope with. I’ve helped them to grow. Nothing gives me more pleasure than teaching people Reiki and facilitating them on their Reiki journey.

Initially I was a sceptic, and I tried to ‘debunk’ Reiki. I didn’t do very well as the following weekend I found myself attending a Reiki I course!

The next day I went to see a friend who’d volunteered to be my first ‘victim’ (as she termed it). She had a very profound experience and became so relaxed she couldn’t move for over forty minutes.

Some months later, I was introduced to a man with a badly smashed finger – in great pain despite having had many strong painkillers, and fearful that he would lose his finger.

Nigel Skinner

I did only thirty minutes of Reiki with him yet the pain stopped and when he went back to the hospital a few days later the wound was essentially healed. Clearly Reiki was much more powerful than I’d imagined, and I’ve been using it successfully with people ever since.

I’m Marie. I’ve been practising Reiki for many years now. I had always been quite a sceptical person until I met my Reiki Master who convinced me to attend my First Degree Reiki Course, at the time I hadn’t even heard of the word, never mind what it stood for, anyhow I had nothing to lose. It turns out that it was the best and most valuable investment that I had ever made, I mean this was positively life-changing for me. I used to suffer from terrible migraines which used to put me to bed sometimes for days on end until I encountered Reiki Energy that was.

Marie Hubbard

I couldn’t believe the power of Reiki. There have been so many what I call miracles since Reiki energy has been in my life. Not only have I helped many people while on my growth journey, but it has also helped me with all aspects of my life be it physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.