Second Degree Reiki

The Second Degree course is an extension of your journey of growth. On this course there will be more diagrams – to show you how our self-perception works, how we attach to the image we have of ourselves, what effect this has on our experience of life and people, and how knowing all this can give you access to a deeper part of you.

You’ll receive two further attunements to broaden and deepen your connection with Reiki to the Second Degree level. Because the energy at this level is so much more powerful, two is all you need. They’ll also broaden your awareness of and deepen your connection with the spiritual side of yourself. We’ll also teach you how to heal yourself and how to do absent healing.

This is a powerful course. Because the Reiki Energy is heightened, sometimes people deal with their own issues on this course. Sometimes that means we’ll give them more than two attunements, if extra energy will help them.

Sometimes we know of someone with a great need and everyone will elect to send to that person. Recently, on a Second Degree Reiki course, we all sent to a small child who was gravely ill. Everyone had their own experience of picking up what was going on and it was very rewarding for everyone. We continued to send to the child after the course was over and, happily, she made a full recovery. Everyone involved agreed that it was a privilege to participate and to learn about sending healing energy in such a direct way.

Again, people love this course and come back to revisit it – because to do so is such an opportunity for growth, and because they want to reinforce the habit of sending energy and take themselves to a new level.

Christine says, “Every encounter with this powerful Reiki Energy is an opportunity to become more assured as a Reiki Healer. If you want to do our Second Degree Reiki course and have already completed your First Degree Reiki course elsewhere, we highly recommend that you talk to us about sitting in on our First degree Reiki course first. You’ll find it so different from anything else that you’ve done.”

Again if you’d like to talk more about it call any of the following numbers 01256 473420 or 07961 935845 to speak to Christine or 01256 353773 for Nigel or 07912 423844 for Marie. We can all talk to you about courses.