What Is Reiki?

Quite simply Reiki is Life Force Energy. It’s the energy that keeps your body going while you’re alive – it’s not there when you’re dead. When a child grazes their knee and you rub it better, as well as comfort, you’re giving them a little Life Force Energy from the palm of your hand.

The art of channelling Reiki has been around for hundreds of years, and people have handed this tradition down from generation to generation. Healers who channel Reiki have had Reiki symbols implanted in their energy field during a process called an attunement. This allows them to channel more Life Force Energy than someone who hasn’t had attunements and they do this through the palms of their hands.

If you experience Reiki energy and come to love it, and you choose to learn to do Reiki for yourself, there’s no limit to the amount of Reiki energy you can give yourself and others. It’s my wish that you experience Reiki and learn to love it. It can be far more than just a peaceful experience you have lying on a couch for an hour – it can be life-changing, if you fully embrace it as a way of life. If you wish we can teach you how to do this step by step. We’re friendly and welcoming, and we like to talk to people in person to find out what they need and how we can help.

Do please call 01256 473420 or 07961 935845 to speak to Christine or 01256 353773 for Nigel or 07912 423844 for Marie