Reiki Master

On this course you’ll be attuned to the Reiki Master energy. At this level only a single, powerful attunement from your Reiki Master Teacher is needed (although you may receive additional attunements during the course, if required).

The Reiki Master energy will greatly accelerate your growth, and we’ll teach you to understand how your thoughts and feelings impact your world. We’ll show you can change your experience of life by changing your inner beliefs, and you’ll learn to be 100% responsible for your emotions, your assumptions and your outcomes.

You’ll also receive and learn to use the very powerful Reiki Master symbol. It’s therefore a prerequisite that you throughly know the Second Degree Reiki symbols – you’ll need to use them when we teach you to give this high vibration of energy to yourself.

Christine says, “There’s no limit to the amount of Reiki Master energy you can channel, and the more you channel the wider your Reiki channel becomes. Indeed, if you embrace Reiki as a way of being, you can channel so much Reiki energy into your life that transformation becomes an everyday occurrence. It’s certainly that way for me. When you choose to become a Reiki Master, you choose your teacher. The people who’ve chosen me call me a miracle worker. The fact is, the Reiki works the miracles. I know how to intend for it to do so, and how to teach you to focus your intent that way too. When you’re ready to become a Reiki Master, you’ll know.”

Receiving the Reiki Master energy is a great honour and a great gift. Sometimes it can take a little time to get used to. We recognise this, and also that while everyone can and will benefit from being attuned to the Reiki Master level, not everyone wants to go on to teach. We therefore offer the advanced Reiki Master Teacher training as a separate course.

Again id you’d like to talk more about it call any of the following numbers 01256 473420 or 07961 935845 to speak to Christine or 01256 353773 for Nigel or 07912 423844 for Marie. We can all talk to you about courses.