Reiki Treatments

A Reiki treatment is a hands-on experience during which you receive Reiki. You’ll be lying on a massage couch fully clothed and we’ll place our hands on your energy centres, channelling Reiki energy to you. People report a great sense of peace and wellbeing after a Reiki session. During the session you may chat with us, or you may be quiet and totally rest. It’s up to you – different people need different things.

During a session, people often report warmth coming from our hands, a tingling sensation under our hands or, sometimes, seeing beautiful colours in their mind’s eye. Quite often they fall asleep on the couch.

People sometimes want a Reiki treatment (or series of Reiki treatments) because they just feel out of sorts. Sometimes they come because they’re drained, tired or ailing in some way. Sometimes they come because they want help sleeping, or they want to speak a problem out loud and have a sympathetic ear.

We’ve had people come to us regularly for periods of time, sometimes over a year or even two. They report that it keeps them going, that it keeps their symptoms under control or that it keeps them free from depression. Some people come for just three sessions and report that their problem has gone away. It depends on what you need, and what works best for you.

Some people give a Reiki treatment as a gift, and some people give a course as a gift. We have gift vouchers available if you’d like. If you have any more questions about treatments, do please call and ask.

If you want to book a treatment today ring 01256 473420 or 07961 935845. If we can’t answer you straight away we’ll call back before the day is out.