Reiki Master Teacher

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is about being in service to others, and about bringing out the very best in them. Being a Reiki Master Teacher requires that you’re willing to share your own journey of growth, with an intent to help others grow. None of us is perfect, and this requires a level of honesty you may not be used to.

Accordingly, this course can be challenging.

It’s our intent to equip you with the tools to be both an excellent healer and a problem solver. We teach you the impact your attitude will have on others, what effect compassionate intent has and also what not to do or say to your clients – both being equally important.

During the course you learn to get yourslf in to the right state of mind to be of service to others. You thoroughly learn the attunement process and learn to do attunements for others. You’ll also practice helping others on the course pin-point issues, which you’ll then help them to shift using Reiki attunements and a variety of other techniques which work well alongside Reiki.

When you learn to pass on this energy to others, you have a responsibility to be there for the people who share their journey of growth with you. Sometimes that’s tough because they’re not growing as fast as they might. However, this energy is profoundly powerful – if people use it they will grow.

Christine says, “When you want to become a Reiki Master Teacher you’re literally putting yourself in a position where you’re willing to learn how to be open to life and how to expect the very best from yourself, from people and from life. You’re opening yourself up to the extraordinary Life Force Energy which is Reiki saying, ‘Teach me to teach people to be their best’. You’re agreeing to grow, not on your terms, but guided by the Reiki energy with which you fill your being. You’re agreeing to learn what you don’t know that you need to know, and you’re choosing to surrender to the highest good. It’s a decision you’ll never regret and, if you choose to learn Reiki with us, you’ll come out of this course in awe of the power of the energy you’re so privileged to be able to access”.

Again if you’d like to talk more about it call any of the following numbers 01256 473420 or 07961 935845 to speak to Christine or 01256 353773 for Nigel or 07912 423844 for Marie. We can all talk to you about courses.