First Degree Reiki

During the First Degree Reiki course, you’ll have four attunements to align you with the Reiki energy. We’ll also introduce you to meditation, chanting and tapping to aid you on your journey. Reiki energy is powerful around our diagrams and we want to be sure you go away with tools you can use to help you empower yourselves and deal effectively with any experiences you encounter.

This course is both an introduction to the Reiki energy and the Reiki philosophy. It’s an opportunity to learn about the power of intent and to begin to develop a level of self-awareness which will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Christine says, “Every course we’ve taught over the years has been unique. This is because Reiki is a living energy. We’re evolving as people, and our growth affects our teaching. People often come back to visit our Reiki courses again and again because there’s so much to learn from them, because our courses happen in a relaxed environment dedicated to growth, and because growth happens for everyone involved.”

If you’d like to come and learn with us, please ring 01256 473420 or 07961 935845 to speak to Christine or 01256 353773 for Nigel or 07912 423844 for Marie. We can all talk to you about courses.